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yoshitomo nara

yoshitomo nara


hey guys! i’ve had this blog for a year and a few months, and i can’t thank all my followers enough ;u; i don’t really talk to anyone on here bc i’m such an awkward turtle, but i’ll try to change that someday. but i really appreciate those that do talk to me (even if it’s a little convo). i follow a little over 600 blogs (wow craazy), so it was really hard to choose my favorites. i still love every single blog i follow. so if you’re not on here, don’t worry bc you’re all such wonderful people! *

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When I was recruited, the other 7 members were all rappers, so among them I was the only one that majored in dancing. I felt like an ugly duckling among them, I couldn’t find a way to fit in. I didn’t want to win over them, it was more to just buck up and do my very best. I did my best at rapping just so that I could fit in with them. If they were doing some freestyle-raps, I would try and find the beat and follow along even if I was bad at it. I was scared being among them and I was worried. How can I rap like that?

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